Deb Nelson Gourley presents Kings of Norway (book includes 3 audio CDs) by Anders Kvåle Rue

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  • Deb Nelson Gourley presents Kings of Norway
    Text and illustrations by Anders Kvåle Rue

    Simplification of text by Kari Grønningsæter
    English translations by Jim Skurdall
    Audio on CDs by Anders Kvåle Rue (Norwegian) and Alexander Knud Huntrods (English)
    Published by Deb Nelson Gourley, Astri My Astri Publishing

    • Bilingual English Norwegian text in the same book
    • Book includes 3 audio bilingual English Norwegian CDs
    • 128 pages all in full color, 6" x 9", fully illustrated
    • Hardcover and Smyth sewn for highest quality
    • ISBN: 978-0-9760541-2-2
    • © 2006, Book and CDs all "Made in America"

    Kings of Norway and its accompanying 3 CDs feature bilingual text, bilingual audio, and full colored illustrations of 57 kings and 1 queen who ruled Norway from circa 875 to present. Utilizing visual art along with both written and audio storytelling allows the non-fiction book to be used as a unique language-learning tool. Appealing to readers of all ages on both sides of the Atlantic, the dual English and Norwegian language format is ideal for first-year Norwegian classes, language camps, and heritage and cultural programs. The 128-page, full-colored, hard-cover book includes the bilingual text and singing of both Astri, My Astri and Astri, Mi Astri by Klang Male Chorus Lillehammer, Norway. Made in America.


    Harald Fairhair – English Version
    Harald was one of many petty kings in Viking Age Norway. Snorri Sturluson writes in Heimskringla that one day Harald sent some of his men to a beautiful maiden named Gyda. They were to ask her if she would become Harald’s mistress. Gyda replied that she was only interested in him if he became king of all of Norway! When Harald heard this, he decided to unite Norway into one kingdom. He would not cut his hair, he said, until the task was completed.
    At Hafrsfjord, not far from where Stavanger lies today, Harald won the decisive battle. Now the kingdom was his and he could cut his long hair. After this, people called him Harald Fairhair.
    Harald had a number of wives and many sons, and they helped him rule the land.

    Harald Harfågre – Norwegian Version
    Harald var en av mange småkonger i vikingtidens Norge. Snorre Sturluson skriver i Heimskringla at Harald en dag sendte noen av mennene sine til ei vakker jente som het Gyda. De skulle spørre henne om hun ville bli Haralds kjæreste. Gyda svarte at hun bare var interessert i ham dersom han ble konge over hele Norge! Da Harald hørte dette, bestemte han seg for å samle Norge til ett rike, og sa at han ikke skulle klippe håret før det var fullført.
    Ved Hafrsfjord, ikke langt fra der Stavanger ligger i dag, vant Harald det endelige slaget. Nå var riket hans og han kunne klippe det lange håret sitt. Etter dette kalte folk ham for Harald Hårfagre.
    Harald hadde flere koner og fikk mange sønner, og de hjalp ham med å styre landet.


    Harald Fairhair – Harald Hårfagre; Eirik Bloodaxe – Eirik Blodøks; Haakon the Good – Håkon den Gode; Harald Graycloak – Harald II Gråfell; Olaf I Tryggvason – Olav I Tryggvason; Saint Olaf II – Olav II den Hellige; Svein Alfivason; Magnus I the Good – Magnus I den Gode; Harald III Hardruler – Harald III Hardråde; Magnus II Haraldsson; Olaf III the Gentle – Olav III Kyrre; Magnus III Barelegs – Magnus III Berrføtt; Eystein I Magnusson – Øystein I Magnusson; Sigurd I the Crusader – Sigurd I Jorsalfar; Magnus IV the Blind – Magnus IV Blinde; Harald IV Gilchrist – Harald IV Gille; Sigurd II Mouth – Sigurd II Munn; Inge I the Hunchback – Inge I Krokrygg; Eystein II Haraldsson – Øystein II Haraldsson; Haakon II the Broadshouldered – Håkon II Herdebrei; Magnus V Erlingsson; Sverre Sigurdsson; Haakon III Sverresson; Inge II Bårdsson; Haakon IV Haakonsson; Magnus VI Lawmender – Magnus VI Lagabøte; Eirik II the Priest-Hater – Eirik II Prestehater; Haakon V Longlegs – Håkon V Langbein; Magnus VII Eriksson – Magnus VII Smek; Haakon VI Magnusson; Olav IV Haakonsson; Margaret I – Margrete I; Eric III of Pomerania – Erik III av Pommern; Christopher of Bavaria – Christoffer av Bayern; Carl I Knutsson Bonde; Christian I; Hans; Christian II the Tyrant – Christian II Tyrann; Frederik I; Christian III; Frederik II; Christian IV; Frederik III; Christian V; Frederik IV; Christian VI; Frederik V; Christian VII; Frederik VI; Christian Frederik; Carl II (XIII); Carl III (XIV) Johan; Oscar I; Carl IV (XV); Oscar II; Haakon VII; Olaf V – Olav V; Harald V


  • Deb Nelson Gourley has assembled a team of winning contemporary artists, working in visual art and the art of first-rate storytelling, as they retell in fresh ways the sagas of ancient Norwegian kings. The dual language format allows readers of English as well as Norwegian to savor the stories, and use the book as a unique language-learning tool.
    —Harley Refsal, Professor, Scandinavian Folk Art, Scandinavian Studies, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa

    Astri My Astri Publishing has created nothing less than a masterpiece with this beautiful book featuring illustrations and brief descriptions of 58 different Norwegian monarchs, written in both English and Norwegian. Kings of Norway and its accompanying 3 CDs are ideal for first-year Norwegian classes, language camps, and heritage and cultural programs. The book is a stroke of genius, appealing to readers of all ages on both sides of the Atlantic.
    —Steinar Opstad, Ph.D., Norwegian scholar and writer, Sarpsborg, Norway

    This unique bilingual book, written and illustrated by Anders Kvåle Rue, presents a brief history of the 57 kings and one queen who ruled Norway from circa 875 to the present. Three accompanying CDs by native English and Norwegian speakers adds to the book’s impact as a history and language resource. This book is another outstanding contribution by Deb Nelson Gourley's Astri My Astri Publishing to the field of Norwegian-American studies.
    —Arne Brekke, Ph.D., Comparative Germanic Indo-European Linguistics, Grand Forks, North Dakota