Norwegian Immigrants to the United States, Volume 5, year 1850 by Hedberg and Naeseth

Norwegian Immigrants to the United States: A Biographical Directory 1825-1850

Volume 5, 1850

By Blaine Hedberg and Gerhard B. Naeseth

  • 4,200 Norwegian immigrants, 8½″x11″, 505 pgs
  • Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-6074320-0-5, © 2008  

Includes genealogical and biographical information on over 4,200 Norwegian immigrants arriving in the United States during the year 1850. Arranged chronologically by ship of arrival, each immigrant is assigned an identification number, based on their year of arrival and placement within the original ship passenger list. In addition to those identified on a ship passenger list, numerous immigrants are included in the "unidentified" section; those whose names were not found on a passenger arrival record, although Norwegian sources suggested they left in the year 1850. As far as possible, for each immigrant, their full name is given, parent's names, date and place of birth; settlement in the United States; spouse and children's names. Many immigrant entries are cross-referenced referring the user to other references in the Norwegian Immigrants to the United States series. Genealogical sources, such as US passenger list arrivals, Norwegian church records, US census records, Norwegian-American church records, county histories, family histories and a wealth of other sources have been used to help identify these immigrants. Correspondence files at the Norwegian American Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library, formerly the Vesterheim Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library in Madison, Wisconsin, have also been referenced. In addition, a detailed bibliography of printed Norwegian and Norwegian-American local history is included. Pages are devoted to a first name index, which also includes patronymic and farm name as well as year of birth and last residence in Norway. Another pages of last residence indexes is also available, with similar information. The last residence index is useful for those who are trying to identify possibly Norwegian-American settlements for emigrants from a particular area of Norway. The 505-page, book (8 ½ x 11) was done in a limited printing.

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