The Boys From Vangen: Vangsgutane by Leif Halse

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The Boys From Vangen: Vangsgutane
Written by Leif Halse

Illustrated by Jens R. Nilssen, Translated into English by Alexander Knud Huntrods
Published by Deb Nelson Gourley, Astri My Astri Publishing

  • 176 pages all in full color, 6" x 9", fully illustrated
  • Norwegian Heritage, Culture and Language for all ages
  • Bilingual English Norwegian text in the same book
  • Hardcover and Smyth sewn for highest quality
  • ISBN: 978-0-9760541-5-3
  • © 2009, Printed in U.S.A.
Vangsgutane has been a classic series in Norway since 1941. Now available as a bilingual English Norwegian book. Right after WWII, Vangsgutane was used as curriculum material in Norwegian schools, as the series had easy-to-read text with pictures. This hardcover, full-colored book is for all ages with bilingual text and pictures throughout the stories. Following the loss of their father, the boys from the Vangen farm—Steinar and Kåre—tackle their father’s fieldwork and fulfill his unfinished lumber contract obligation. Honest and quick-thinking, the boys become role models for Norwegian children through their numerous adventures and close calls, some involving a troublesome neighbor boy, Larris. Made in America.